"If you study to remember you will forget.  But if you study to understand you will remember."

"Singapore School Manila was my platform for building experiences and knowledge, improving academic performance, and discovering my strengths and weaknesses. I was not a number in the population of students; I was a member of a nurturing family, which was one of the most unique traits of SSM. My nine-year stay in SSM was truly worthwhile as I was being prepared for the real world—academically and intellectually."

-Chloe Tanchip

Uiversity of Waterloo

​Toronto, Canada

"One important thing I learnt is that the divide between doing what you love and doing 'work' does not exist. Your career wouldn't be considered an inescapable chore if you're truly passionate about what you do."

​-Gianna Mae Berino

Ateneo De Manila University

"Like every other school, SSM has given me education that no one else can ever take away from me; however, unlike any other school, SSM taught me far beyond education. I learned about leadership, and with that, it inspired me to become a better person.  I will always have SSM to thank for that. My second home lies in SSM where I know that I will always be welcomed with open arms."

-Sabrina Budhrani

Loyola Marymount University

​Los Angeles, California

"I thought transitioning into an international environment would be challenging, but then I realized how similar it was to studying at Singapore School Manila. The Cambridge A Level Program definitely gave me a competitive edge here in San Francisco; It had also trained me both mentally and emotionally for university and life itself. SSM helped me break through barriers by pushing me to always be at my best. I achieved this through the countless opportunities, great exposure to the world outside of the blue walls, and five years of endless trust and support. No words can express my heartfelt gratitude to my SSM family for transforming me into an individual ready for the real world."

-Renee Macasaet

Hult Business School

​San Francisco, USA