SSM Awardees in ICAS (MATHS)
by: Ms. Katrina Sarabia, School Administrator

Two weeks ago, we shared with you the results of several SSM students from P4-S4 who participated in the ICAS (International Competition and Assessments for Schools), organised by Educational Assessment Australia, in the subject of English.
Today, we are delighted to inform you of the results of the ICAS in the subject of MATHEMATICS that was administered in school on August 12, 2014. As an overview, the ICAS in Mathematics assesses students’ skills and knowledge across five strands: algebra and patterns, chance and data, measures and units, number and arithmetic, and space and geometry.
Majority of our students who took part in this competition achieved high scores and will be receiving “High Distinction”, “Credit”, or “Merit” certificates from Educational Assessment Australia and the University of New South Wales. These certificates will be sent to SSM within the next two weeks.
Below is the list of these students along with their corresponding region percentile.

Tristan Garcia (P4)
Top 31%

Kiean Lao (P4)
Top 18%

Althea Baluyut (P5A)
Top 41%

Sofia Cabangon (P5A)
Top 36%

Henry Lee (P6)
Top 21%

Phasin Sakthaworn (P6)
Top 46%

Valerie Tantuachut (P6)
Top 21%

Valerie Arcayan (S1)
Top 45%

Ryan Ahn (S2B)
Top 46%

Kiefer Lao (S2B)
Top 16%

Justin Macasilli-Tan (S2A)
High Distinction
Top 1%

Julia Berino (S3B)
Top 36%

Renee Tantuachut (S3B)
Top 12%

MaiMai Gomez (S4B)
Top 45%

Kevin Park (S4B)
High Distinction
Top 1%

Nikki Tantuachut (S4B)
Top 17%

Congratulations to all the awardees! Singapore School Manila is truly proud of this accomplishment!


SSM Awardees in  ICAS (ENGLISH)
by: Ms. Kat Sarabia, School Administrator

Annually since 2010, Singapore School Manila has been participating in the International Competition and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), organised by Educational Assessment Australia. The ICAS are independent skills-based assessments with a competition element. Commonly referred to as the University of New South Wales (UNSW) tests, ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments and school tests for primary and secondary school students.
The goal of Singapore School Manila in taking part in the ICAS is to check on the retention of concepts taught in school. No preparation or review classes were given to any of our students.
On July 24, 2014, several SSM students from P4-S4 participated in the ICAS in the subject of ENGLISH. As an overview, the ICAS English test assesses reading and language skills in a range of contexts. The following aspects of texts are assessed and reported: reading for meaning in literary texts, reading for meaning in factual texts, textual devices, syntax and vocabulary. The questions require students to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesise information in and about texts.
Thus, we are delighted to announce that majority of our students who took part in this competition achieved high scores and will be receiving “High Distinction”, “Distinction”, “Credit” or “Merit” certificates from Educational Assessment Australia and the University of New South Wales. These certificates will be sent to SSM within the next two weeks.

Below is the list of these students along with their corresponding region percentile:


Kiean Lao (P4)
Top 4%

Althea Baluyut (P5A)
Top 6%

Enrique Beltran (P5A)
Top 18%

Sofia Cabangon (P5A)
Top 22%

Jared Roces (P6)
Top 3%

Charles Tan (P6)
Top 39%

Valerie Tantuachut (P6)
High Distinction
Top 1%

Valerie Arcayan (S1)
Top 35%

Sophie Maitland-Smith (S1)
Top 27%

Bea Sales (S1)
Top 44%
Kiefer Lao (S2B)
Top 44%
Andrea Gerada (S3A)
Top 4%

Kariann Tan (S3B)
Top 25%

Renee Tantuachut (S3B)
Top 10%

Ivan Bayron (S4B)
Top 46%

MaiMai Gomez (S4B)
Top 34%

Nikki Tantuachut (S4B)
Top 23%

Congratulations to all the awardees! Singapore School Manila is truly proud of this accomplishment!

Firefighters at SSM
by: Teacher Cheryl Golangco

Last Aug. 28, 2014, some  firefighters from the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades, Inc. came over to Singapore School Manila to teach the children a little bit about fire safety. From the moment they heard about the good news, the Nursery to Primary 1 kids had already grown very excited. They began asking questions  such as the uniform they wear and the things they need to put out a fire. Some of the children from Kinder 1 even made cards that showed what firefighters do to help keep our community safe. 

The firefighters began by  testing the children's preparedness and asking them what they need to do in case of a fire. They even brought a smoke detector to demonstrate how it worked. Afterward, the firefighters introduced their canine buddy, Sparky. Sparky the mascot was a huge hit with the kids. He demonstrated how to properly stop-drop-and-roll in case our clothes catch fire. Several children also volunteered to demonstrate their new learning.

Before calling it a day, the children had to hurriedly rush out of the room, pretending there was an actual fire. They then walked outside the school where they were all given the chance to hop onto the fire truck and get firsthand experience of a firefighter's job. 

Araw ng Wika Celebration at SSM
by: Teacher Elaina Duarte

August 14, 2014 marked SSM’s celebration of the Araw ng Wika. This year’s theme is:  “Filipino: Wika ng Pagkakaisa.”  In line with the year’s theme, the students from Primary 3 to Secondary 4 displayed their creativity when they made various posters and slogans. Corresponding winners from Primary and secondary levels were announced last August 19, 2014. The complete list of winners is listed below.

PRIMARY 3: Misha Lee, Carlos Uy, Simyung Siow, Sirawit Suvanampa, and Zakia Sultana.

SECONDARY  1: Erin Cochanco, Mathew Go, Stephen Taylor, Bea Sales and Alex Capulong

PRIMARY 5-A: Althea Baluyut, Adrian Yap, Enrique Beltran, Nichelle Budhrani, Shianna King and Paolo Tan.

Secondary 2-B: Ryan Ahn, Nicolo Galvez, Luke Cabrera, Vivian Chen, Irene Go abd Shane Go.

Primary 6: Phasin Sakthaworn, Marks Tan, Charles Tan, Dylan Chua, Charlize Cayetano, Philippe Tan,Sheree Mansukhani, Valerie Tantuachut, Isa Lauchengco, Hannah Zhou, Nesse Sales, Joshua Li and Klinton Ang.

Secondary 3-B : Trisha Galvez, Julia Berino, Ken Dominguez, Latin Madrid, Renee Tantuachut, Michiko Garcia and Dominik Tan.

Secondary  4-B:  Nikki Tantuachut, Lance Sy, Coby Lim, Mariko Dela Pena, MaiMai Gomez, Ivan Bayron, Alexi Dulay and Tyller Zhou.
The AS and A students meanwhile had their storytelling sessions with the preschool students. The Kinder 1 and 2 students had their storytelling with the AS Level students  Daniela Atienza, Cris Cai, Linda Castillo,Hiro Hosokawa,Jesse Huang, Renee Macasaet and Karina Reyes, while the Nursery students had their session with the A Level students Picket Siapuatco,Reo Murayama and Kenneth Dimaunahan. The stories they narrated were: Alamat ng Mais (Legend of the Corn), Alamat ng Saging (Legend of the Banana) and Alamat ng Matsing (Legend of the Monkey).
The Student Council, on the other hand, prepared riddles for the Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Pre-University levels. Prizes were given as well. The school staff and faculty, as well as the students were also encouraged to wear their Filipiniana costumes on that day.
SSM students, teachers and staff enjoyed the Araw ng Wika celebration in general as they learnt to appreciate and value the Filipino language.

Welcome Back, Jet!

SSM welcomes back our Primary 4 student, Jet Hernandez, who represented the country in the US Kids Golf World Championship tournament.  We are proud of you, Jet!


Congratulations to Althea Baluyut of P5-A


Last July 17 to 20,2014 the 5th Speedo G- League National Long Course Swimming Championship  was held at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.  Our very own Althea Baluyut of P5-A, who joined the Girls 12 years old bracket  was awarded for the following:

50- meter Butterfly-3rd place
100-meter Butterfly-1st place
200-meter Butterfly-2nd place
50-meter Freestyle-3rd place
100-meter Freestyle-2nd place
200-meter Freestyle-2nd place
200-meter Individual Medley- 2nd place
400-meter Individual Medley-2nd place

Congratulations, Althea!  We are proud of you!

SSM  Student Council Officers for SY 2013-2014 Elected

March, being the last month of the school year, is not really an end, but an opportunity for a lot of beginnings! It seemed that a lot of students were busy preparing for term tests, projects, and of course, graduation.


Last March 8, 2014, the whole SSM student body braced themselves for the next Student Council. The election was done in the morning and counting of the votes was done in the afternoon inside the Multi-purpose Room.  Here is the list of elected officials who will serve during SY 2014-2015:

President: Jahia Roces (incoming S4)
Vice President of External Affairs: Alex Adam (incoming S4) 
Vice President of Internal Affairs:  Patricia Ong (incoming S4)
Secretary: Nikki Tantuachut (incoming S4)
Level Representative Coordinator: Aika Ang (incoming S4)

Level Representatives:
Primary 1: Kaemon Bayron
Primary 2: Ella Ortiz
Primary 3: Suraj Nair
Primary 4: Tiffany Bullen
Primary 5: Althea Baluyut
Primary 6: Jared Roces
Secondary 1: Erin Conchanco
Secondary 2: Thea Lim
Secondary 3: Karl Yu
Secondary 4: Mai Mai Gomez
AS/A Level : Kaia Reyes

Now, everyone just can’t wait for the next school year to start!

Primary 2 Students Receive First Holy Communion

On March 6, students of the Primary 2 class received their First Holy Communion at  St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Church in Magallanes Village. Parents joined their children at Mass to celebrate this special day. The mass was officiated by Fr. Elis Santos. During the homily, Fr. Elis made use of props to help the students understand the importance of receiving Communion. He sang and blew bubbles to the amazement of the children. His sermon was entertaining for the children but also very meaningful. He spoke about the greatness of God’s love and the importance of always going back to Him  through listening to his Word and through prayer. Towards the end of the mass, parents prayed over their children and asked God to bless them and watch over them. Members of the SSM glee club also made the event extra special by singing the songs for the mass.

Congratulations to all out first communicants! It was truly a memorable day! ☺

SSM's Once Upon a Time

Singapore School Manila together with Make Believe Productions staged a musical, “Once Upon A Time,” last March 1, Saturday at Meralco Theater, Ortigas, Pasig City.

All SSM students were showcased in the production that had excerpts from the following Disney fairytales: Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Wicked and Peter Pan. The story took us to the enchanting journey through fairyland of Tinker Bell and the closest of cousins; serious Frederick, graceful Clarabelle, sweet Emma, mischievous Edward and the quiet and thoughtful Peet. Peet is a scholarly boy living a happy life with his cousins. Upon his return to Fairyland, he realizes that he is the Peter Pan that tales have spoken so highly of. He also discovers his vital role as a protector and preserver of fairies, magic, and the enchanting stories that all have come to know and love. But as he embraces his immense duty and returns to his former glory, he realizes that at his core he will always be Peet to his dear cousins, whom he has come to love and care for very, very much. He knows he will be a better hero than ever before, because he now knows what it is to love and be part of a family.

Everyone delivered a performance that gave an enchanting feeling to the audience; experience of laughter, love, bonds of family and kinship.
Thank you, SSM students, parents and guests for your support and we look forward to bringing you another school play next year! 

A Cognitive Competition: SSM Academic Quiz Bee 2014
By: Teacher Elmer Dizon

Last February 21, 2014, the best students in Maths, Science and English from Kinder 1 to Secondary 4 competed in SSM’s annual Academic Quiz Bee. The quiz bee questions covered various topics from the first three terms of the school year. Although the students were competing against their classmates, they still pushed each other to give their all in a fun and exciting contest. 

Here are the winners of the quiz bee:

Kinder 1
1st Place: Leelou Marchenay
2nd Place: Rafa Li
3rd Place: Luke Diong
4th Place: Sarah Guillermo

Kinder 2
1st Place: Jaelyn Soliman
2nd Place: Kaemon Bayron
3rd Place: Kate Sy Lato
4th Place: Massi Garcia

Primary 1
1st Place: Natalia Pascual
2nd Place: Sam Tan
3rd Place: Ella Ortiz
4th Place: Chesca Lauchengco

Primary 2
1st Place: Edward Cabangon
2nd Place: Renzo Flaviano
3rd Place: Misha Lee
4th Place: Zejin Chen

Primary 3
1st Place: Gelo Fernando
2nd Place: Kiean Lao
3rd Place: Tristan Garcia
4th Place: Charina Anggala

Primary 4
1st Place: Theoni Lim
2nd Place: Althea Baluyot
3rd Place: Lea Gatchalian
4th Place: Kyle Bayron

Primary 5
1st Place: Valerie Tantuachut
2nd Place: Phasin 
3rd Place: Henry Lee
4th Place: Jared Roces

Primary 6
1st Place: Jacob Fajardo
2nd Place: Arielle Arcayan
3rd Place: Bianca Laogan
4th Place: Erin Cochanco

Secondary 1
1st Place: Justin Macasilli-Tan
2nd Place: Kiefer Lao
3rd Place: Elsa Siapuatco
4th Place: Ryan Ahn

Secondary 2
1st Place: Renee Tantuachut
2nd Place: Mei Mukose
3rd Place: Andrea Gerada
4th Place: Julia Berino

Secondary 3
1st Place: Kevin Park
2nd Place: Nikki Tantuachut
3rd Place: Tim Hsu
4th Place: Ivan Bayron

Secondary 4
1st Place: Kaia Reyes
2nd Place: Jakey Gimenez
3rd Place: Gianna Berino
4th Place: Ethan Chan

Congratulations to all the winners! 

Prom 2014
By:  Chloe Tanchip and Jakey Gimenez, S4 students

It was a twinkling and sparkling night of February 22, 2014 when the Junior-Senior Prom was held in One Rockwell, Makati.  Excitement and anticipation filled the air as students rushed to the beautiful venue even before the designated starting time of the program. With the ladies coming in different beautiful gowns and the men whipped up in their stylish suits, we could foresee that the night would be quite special. The venue was gorgeously decorated with plants, unique flowers, pastel tablecloths, and creative birdcages that suited the romantic shabby-chic theme of the night. The entire room was also dipped in colourful lights that truly made the place more vibrant, dreamy, and elegant.

The moment we arrived, we were led to a beautiful garden where we had our pictures taken against a backdrop of lush shrubberies and pink cherry blossoms. After our picture taking,  we had a delicious and sumptuous buffet for dinner. While dining, the lights dimmed for the viewing of Secondary 3 and Secondary 4’s prom videos. Both videos were beautiful and creative, crafted through the efforts of the students themselves. As the night went on, there was a lot of mingling, chatting, giggling and best of all --- dancing! Because of the positive vibes from dancing, it brought one big family to a small dance floor.

Later on, the awarding took place. It consisted of the Best-Dressed, Prom Prince and Princess for the S3 division, and Prom King and Queen for the S4 division. The Female Best-Dressed was Mariko De la Pena (S3), Male Best-dressed was Migui Baluyut (S3). The Prom Princess was Alexi Dulay (S3), the Prom Prince was Garbiel Nagtalon (S3). Lastly, the Prom Queen was Chloe Tanchip (S4), and the Prom King was Jakey Gimenez (S4).

Overall, the night was full of excitement and romance. This year’s prom was simply beautiful. 




Happily Ever After- SSM School Fair

Last February 14, 2014, Singapore School Manila held its school fair with the theme “Happily Ever After”. Teachers and students alike prepared for this joyous occasion by decorating the school and preparing for their  booths. The gates were even decorated to look like a beautiful castle from fairy tale land. 

The fair was scheduled to start at 3:00pm, however, excited parents and students already started arriving at 2! Everyone was excited to try out the various game booths and entertainment booths that filled the school. 

Each level had their own booth and exciting game. Students and guests were sure to find a game of their liking. The young kids particularly enjoyed games from the Nursery to Primary 4 levels such as Ring Toss, Can Knockdown, Grumpy's Red Nose and others. Meanwhile, the older kids were busy running away from the guards of the P6 Jail Booth or getting married at the S2 Marriage Booth. The games were definitely fun for kids and adults of all ages. 

On the other hand, there were also additional entertainment booths that the younger kids particularly enjoyed. Booths like balloon twisting and bubble play got them all giddy and excited. While the girls felt like little princesses and got their makeovers through the Nail Art booth and Kiddie Salon.  At 4pm, kids rushed up to the Multipurpose room to catch the Magic Show. The show lasted for an entire 30 minutes, but the kids seemed to still want more! They came out of the room with huge smiles and faces of astonishment. "It was really good!" says Leelou of Kinder 1 with both thumbs up as she came out. 

For the first time, the Scholastic Book Fair also took part in the SSM fair. Kids of all ages rushed inside the P3 classroom looking for a book of their liking. At the end of the day, it was the Primary 4 class that bought the most number of books and will hence was rewarded with their own set of books for the classroom. Way to go guys! 

At 6pm, a few booths came to a pause as everyone gathered in the middle of the basketball court to witness the amazing performances of the different Secondary students. Music bands namely Radiotation and Chameleon’s Avalanche rocked the night out with their awesome song numbers. While Maxine Pampolina and Alex Adam soothed things down with their lovely acoustic sounds. It was the perfect way to end an enjoyable day. 

Gongxifacai!* Xinniankuaile!**, the SSM Way!!!

“Gongxifacai!” is a famous expression which Chinese use during Chinese New Year. It wishes everyone a prosperous year ahead. This year’s Lunar new year falls on January 31, 2014. SSM celebrated Chinese new year on the eve of it. We started the celebration with the Dragon and Lions' dance. It is believed that this dance drives away all the unlucky “qi” (lifegiving force) away , and welcome the new lucky “qi” in.

The pre-schoolers celebrated this event with many fun loving Chinese games.  Each kid went home with their big big bag of goodies…. All is happy!   There were song and dance numbers from P1 students and P3 students. They all sang wonderfully! Encore!

The  primary and secondary level students commemorated the event by having the CHINESE QUIZ BEE!!!  SSM Chinese department, under the helm of Teacher Jing Liu, spearheaded this fun-loving quiz bee this year. 

To all winners, Congratulations! We are all proud of you!!!! Gong xi!!!! 



Banahaw Bonanza- a Two Night Out
By: Joachin Tolentino, S4

Thursday on the 6th of February, we all arrived at Uncle Frank’s place just at the foot of Mount Banahaw. The guys settled upstairs at an old cabin with bunk beds lined up against the walls. The lunch hall was just downstairs beside where the girls slept. We headed to the workshop where we were then introduced to Uncle Frank himself, our facilitator for the rest of the experience.

He discussed a lot about Life Management throughout the course of the two nights. We were encouraged to speak freely about things we hid to ourselves, without the fear of being judged by others. He taught us how to be accepting, non-judgemental and open-minded. 

We had two exciting treks that got us moving. We went along a river that was seemingly cold at first and had all these rocks that stood in our way; but that didn’t stop us from progressing through. All we had to do was focus on the “Now”, which is basically focusing on what’s happening in the present moment, not in the past or in the future. The following day, we had to go through a small cave that was lit with only candles. We had to adapt to the cave in every way we could. It was quite uncomfortable especially because we were barefooted. But, it  was worth it.

This whole experience taught me valuable lessons that I can definitely apply to my life outside the workshop. Most of all, I learnt that it feels good to be myself. I wish all people would be taught lessons like this!




Innovations in Curriculum Design
& Development and Learning Methodologies for Learning Effectiveness (Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards 2012 by ABS-CBN & Bayan Academy)

Excellence in Curriculum Design
& Development

Outstanding Sports Program (Department of Education)