"If you study to remember you will forget.  But if you study to understand you will remember."



Last September 16, 2017, our Secondary 4 students participated in the 32nd International Coastal Cleanup, which is the world’s largest volunteer effort to clean our ocean. One of its objectives includes raising awareness among our students about the worsening state of water pollution in the world. Our Secondary 4 students picked up piles of garbage along the shorelines of Manila Bay.

These are few of the shared reflections of the students:

“When I saw the trash my classmates and I collected, I realised the importance of participating in the clean-up. Even if we collected garbage for few hours only, we made a difference!”
- Erin Cochangco, S4A

“ I realised that we need to be more disciplined when it comes to our trash disposal. It is important to keep our community clean.” 
- Sophie Maitland-Smith, S4A

“When I saw the sacks of garbage we collected, I felt happy that we all accomplished something, even if I think that a whole day of cleaning-up is not enough. I learned that no matter how small or big our trash is, it contributes to the water pollution. So, we all need to work together to accomplish a big solution.”
-Christian Uy, S4B 



On the week of Sept 11-15, 2017, the school had a week long campaign entitled, “The Anatomy of a Bully and a Winner”. The objective of the activity was to raise awareness among the students about the issue of bullying, its effects and corresponding consequences. Furthermore, students were encouraged towards nurturing the mindset of a “Winner” – to practice the values of compassion and gratitude as they strive towards their dreams and become “solution-makers” of our society.

During the culminating activity, Ms. Kritzia Santos, the co-Founder of Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation (, graced the occasion as the guest speaker. Ms. Kritzia left this inspiring message to our students: "It’s in the little things that you do that makes a difference...anyone can do something...changing the world is in your hands ...but you always have to do these with love." 


- by Sophie C. Maitland-Smith


Last September 09, SSM Student Council officers of SY 2017-2018 participated in the SSM annual leadership workshop. However, this year was quite different as it was hosted by the core members of the Student Council, namely Maxx Chua (President), Sophie Maitland-Smith (VP for External Affairs), Erin Cochanco (VP for Internal Affairs), Bianca Laogan (Secretary) and Thea Lim (Level Rep. Coordinator).

The workshop was designed around the 11 attributes of SSM Learner Profile. Throughout the workshop, the new student leaders had to practice being inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk-takers, reflective, caring, principled, balanced, creative, open-minded, and knowledgeable. By way of various meaningful activities, Student Council officers were not only able to get to know one another better but were also able to discover what it truly means to be an effective leader. 




Please join us in congratulating the following SSM students who have done very well in their Cambridge International IGCSE, AS/A-level examinations:

Erica Wong (A-Level) - A*, A*, A*, A*
Lance Basil Sy(A-Level) - A*, A*, A, A
Platinum Cristi Madrid(AS-Level) - A, A, B, B
Abegail Santos(IGCSE) - A, A, A, B, B
Julian Carlos Li(IGCSE) - A*, A, B, B,B
Patricia Gayle Co(IGCSE) - A*, BB, B, B
Royce Marcus Uy(IGCSE) - A, BB, B, B

A- Level results are reported on a 6-point scale of grades: A* to E, grade A* being the highest and grade E the lowest, AS-Level results are reported on a 6-point scale of grades: A to E, grade A being the highest and grade E the lowest and IGCSE results are reported on a 8-point scale of grades: A* to G, grade A* being the highest and grade G the lowest.

Our S2 students also performed very well in their Cambridge Checkpoint tests.  Six of our Secondary 2 students achieved an excellent grade in Maths  and  4 of  them  achieved a perfect score (6.0), which means that for the subject of Maths they belong to the top 1% students worldwide!



In February this year, 31 of our students sat for the International Schools' Assessment (ISA). The ISA is a set of tests designed specifically for students in international schools in Grades 3-10 (Primary 3- Secondary 4).

This assessment was participated in by over 78,000 students from 10,000 schools across 95 countries. The objective of SSM was to see how the selected students will perform in comparison to other students from all over the world.

The 5 subject areas included in the ISA are the following:
Mathematical Literacy (Grades 3-10)
Reading (Grades 3-10)
Exposition/Argument Writing (Grades 3-10)
Narrative/Reflective Writing (Grades 3-10)
Scientific Literacy (Grades 7-10)

We are delighted to share with you that all SSM students exceeded expectations and did very, very well achieving ABOVE AVERAGE to even beyond EXCELLENT scores.

Top performers per subject area for Primary and Secondary levels are the following:

Mathematical Literacy- Kiean Malik Lao (P6)
Reading- Marc Edward Cabangon (P5)
Exposition/Argument Writing- Marc Edward Cabangon (P5)
Narrative/Reflective Writing- Marc Edward Cabangon (P5)

Mathematical Literacy- Valerie Simone Tantuachut (S2)
Narrative/Reflective Writing- Valerie Simone Tantuachut (S2)
Reading- Althea Michel Baluyut
Exposition/Argument Writing- Stephen Jose Taylor
Scientific Literacy- Stephen Jose Taylor

We are truly proud of this achievement of our students!




We are delighted and proud to share with you below the list of Universities that our graduating Cambridge A Level students have received offers from. Please join us in congratulating the following:

Atienza, Francisco Miguel- Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong campus)

Baluyut, Adonis Miguel- University of Santo Tomas
                                       University of the Philippines (LB)

Chua, Lok Yin Dominic- Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Gomez, Maria Margarita Cornelia- Shinjuku Language Institute ( Japan)

Hernandez, Shelby Ann- De La Salle University (Manila)

Jang, Jae Won- City University of Hong Kong

Rivilla, Miguel Antonio- Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge (England)
                                      University of Northampton (England)
                                      London Metropolitan University

Roces, Mikayla Jahia- San Francisco Art Institute (USA)
                                    Pratt Institute (New York, USA)

Rostata, Jan Valerie- MINT College (Manila)

Sy, Lance Basil- Ateneo de Manila University
                           De La Salle University Manila
                           University of the Philippines Diliman

Tung, Kathleen -ColeNewcastle University Medicine (Malaysia)
                           Queen Mary University of London (England)
                           Queen's University Belfast (Ireland)
                           University of East Anglia (Norwich, England)
                           Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, England)

Wong,Erica- University of the Philippines Diliman
                    Chinese University of Hong Kong
                    University of Hong Kong
                    King's College London
                    University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

Nur Amalina Binte Enddi Zulfian-University of Liverpool (England)
                                                     University of Chester (England)
                                                     University of Stirling (Scotland)
                                                     Oxford Brookes University (England)

To our dear graduates, we wish you all the very best as you move on to the University level! We are very proud of each and every one of you!

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