MERLION AWARDS, SSM's first, happened last April 22 at the Newport Cinema of Resorts World Manila. Six short films, four of which produced by our Cambridge AS/A Media and IBDP Film students were shown to the public. And the following were awarded on the same day:

​ACTING AWARDS                     AWARDEES                           FILM TITLE

Best Supporting Actress              Latin Madrid                           iFriend
                                                    Brie Paras                              Levels
                                                    Dharyl Yao                             Levels

Best Supporting Actor                 Dominik Tan                           Sandman's Brew

Best Actress                                Patricia Chua                         A Father's Love

Best Actor                                   Aaron Yu                                 Levels

Best Acting by an Ensemble       Wim Van Schoonhoven    
                                                    Grist Sakthaworn    
                                                    Phasin Sakthaworn    
                                                    Mei Mukose    
                                                    Rohit Sakhrani    
                                                    Lance Sy    
                                                    Maxx Chua    
                                                    T. Monica Morada                  Watch Your Language
TECHNICAL AWARDS               AWARDEES                          FILM TITLE

Best Sound Design                     Dominik Tan                           Levels

Best Production Design              Shelby Hernandez                  Levels

Best Cinematography                 Noor Hidayat Bin Enddi Zulfian    
                                                   Sean Tongco                           Levels

Best Editing                                Noor Hidayat Bin Enddi Zulfian  
                                                   Sean Tongco                            Levels

Best Story                                  Jahia Roces                             Ligaya
                                                   Migui Baluyut  

Best Director                              Sean Tongco                            Levels

Best Picture                               Latin Madrid    
                                                  Grist Sakthaworn   
                                                  Sean Tongco                            Levels

View our gallery here: 


We are delighted and proud to share with you below the list of Universities that our graduating Cambridge A Level students have received offers from. Please join us in congratulating the following:

Atienza, Francisco Miguel- Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong campus)

Baluyut, Adonis Miguel- University of Santo Tomas
                                       University of the Philippines (LB)

Chua, Lok Yin Dominic- Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Gomez, Maria Margarita Cornelia- Shinjuku Language Institute ( Japan)

Hernandez, Shelby Ann- De La Salle University (Manila)

Jang, Jae Won- City University of Hong Kong

Rivilla, Miguel Antonio- Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge (England)
                                      University of Northampton (England)
                                      London Metropolitan University

Roces, Mikayla Jahia- San Francisco Art Institute (USA)
                                    Pratt Institute (New York, USA)

Rostata, Jan Valerie- MINT College (Manila)

Sy, Lance Basil- Ateneo de Manila University
                           De La Salle University Manila
                           University of the Philippines Diliman

Tung, Kathleen -ColeNewcastle University Medicine (Malaysia)
                           Queen Mary University of London (England)
                           Queen's University Belfast (Ireland)
                           University of East Anglia (Norwich, England)
                           Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, England)

Wong,Erica- University of the Philippines Diliman
                    Chinese University of Hong Kong
                    University of Hong Kong
                    King's College London
                    University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

Nur Amalina Binte Enddi Zulfian-University of Liverpool (England)
                                                     University of Chester (England)
                                                     University of Stirling (Scotland)
                                                     Oxford Brookes University (England)

To our dear graduates, we wish you all the very best as you move on to the University level! We are very proud of each and every one of you!



Parents of our Preschool and Primary level students gathered today for the presentation of the IB Primary Years Programme that SSM will be adapting beginning SY 2017-2018. Updates on class schedules, materials and teaching and learning were also discussed by Teachers Aizza Fernandez and Joane Hafalla.

We wish to thank all SSM parents who came for the presentation.

We are very excited for the positive changes that will happen next school year!​


Congratulations to the winners of this year's Academic Quiz Bee which was held last April 20,2017.

Here is the list of this year's champions:

Preschool- Kinder 1 (AM)
1. Loraine Ashley Hong -Champion
2. Veronica Ashley Hong- 1st Runner-up
3. Jacob Jantzen Soliman- 2nd Runner-up
Preschool- Kinder 2 (AM)
1. Kate Lauren Dela Cruz -Champion
2. Hongjun Wu- 1st Runner-up
3. Ignacio Gael Esmino- 2nd Runner-up
Preschool- Kinder 1 (PM)
1. Jeremy Tiu -Champion
2. Sing Fan Matthew Lin- 1st Runner-up
3. Martin Chen- 2nd Runner-up
Preschool- Kinder 2 (PM)
1. Alejandro Sebastian Gonzalez -Champion
2. Siddhi Hastir- 1st Runner-up
3. Ariana Louise Quimo- 2nd Runner-up
Primary 1
1. Xin Yan (Amy) Li -Champion
2. Jazrylle Olaine Co- 1st Runner-up
3. Isabel Eowyn Guillermo- 2nd Runner-up
4. Emilio Gabriel Hernandez- 3rd Runner-up
Primary 2
1. Luke Diong-Champion
2. Isobelle Layla Aerith Go- 1st Runner-up
3. Yivienne Mischa Go- 2nd Runner-up
4. Zara Wong- 3rd Runner-up
Primary 3 
1. Jaelyn Jewel Soliman -Champion
2. Calvin II Li- 1st Runner-up
3. Tammi Savannah Mackenzie Go- 2nd Runner-up
4. Kaemon Frederick Bayron- 3rd Runner-up
Primary 4
1. Sophie Ava Marie Policarpio-Champion
2. Samuel Dave Tan- 1st Runner-up
3. Yvonne Renee Lim- 2nd Runner-up
4. Eowyn Margaux Lim- 3rd Runner-up
Primary 5
1. Marc Edward Cabangon-Champion
2. Misha Lee- 1st Runner-up
3. Vanessa Wong- 2nd Runner-up
4. Lorenzo Miguel Flaviano- 3rd Runner-up
Primary 6
1. Kiean Malik Lao-Champion
2. Charlene Denise Hernandez- 1st Runner-up
3. Vanessa Joanna Marquez- 2nd Runner-up
4. Charina Janelle Anggala- 3rd Runner-up
Secondary 1
1. Althea Michel Baluyut-Champion
2. Kyle Lorenzo Bayron- 1st Runner-up
3. Sofia Dominique Cabangon- 2nd Runner-up
4. Alyanna Gabrielle Rosales- 3rd Runner-up
Secondary 2
1. Valerie Simone Tantuachut-Champion
2. Jaimie Lee- 1st Runner-up
3. Lance Riley Tan- 2nd Runner-up
4. Charles Henry Tan- 3rd Runner-up
Secondary 3
1. Erin May Cochanco-Champion
2. Sophie Gabrielle Maitland-Smith- 1st Runner-up
3. Jeajin Shin- 2nd Runner-up
4. Bianca Gayle Laogan- 3rd Runner-up
Secondary 4
1. Kiefer Matthew Lao-Champion
2. Abegail Santos- 1st Runner-up
3. Elsa Marie Siapuatco- 2nd Runner-up
4. Justin Kenndrick Macasilli-Tan- 3rd Runner-up​​

Click photo  to see gallery.


We congratulate this year's graduates!  

Our graduation ceremony last June 17,2017 was made even special by the presence of Singapore Ambassador  Kok Li Peng, who delivered a very inspiring message .  

To our Kinder 2 and Primary 6 graduates, we will see you next school year as you move up to the next levels.  And to our dear A-level graduates, we wish you luck and may university prepare you more for Life.  Remember to be resilient and flexible as "there are no rubrics" out there.  Welcome challenges and embrace change.  We are confident that you will all succeed in Life.

To view our graduation album, click the photo.


In February this year, 31 of our students sat for the International Schools' Assessment (ISA). The ISA is a set of tests designed specifically for students in international schools in Grades 3-10 (Primary 3- Secondary 4).

This assessment was participated in by over 78,000 students from 10,000 schools across 95 countries. The objective of SSM was to see how the selected students will perform in comparison to other students from all over the world.

The 5 subject areas included in the ISA are the following:
Mathematical Literacy (Grades 3-10)
Reading (Grades 3-10)
Exposition/Argument Writing (Grades 3-10)
Narrative/Reflective Writing (Grades 3-10)
Scientific Literacy (Grades 7-10)

We are delighted to share with you that all SSM students exceeded expectations and did very, very well achieving ABOVE AVERAGE to even beyond EXCELLENT scores.

Top performers per subject area for Primary and Secondary levels are the following:

Mathematical Literacy- Kiean Malik Lao (P6)
Reading- Marc Edward Cabangon (P5)
Exposition/Argument Writing- Marc Edward Cabangon (P5)
Narrative/Reflective Writing- Marc Edward Cabangon (P5)

Mathematical Literacy- Valerie Simone Tantuachut (S2)
Narrative/Reflective Writing- Valerie Simone Tantuachut (S2)
Reading- Althea Michel Baluyut
Exposition/Argument Writing- Stephen Jose Taylor
Scientific Literacy- Stephen Jose Taylor

We are truly proud of this achievement of our students!

Click photo to view more photos.


We congratulate all SSM students who performed  at the CCP Little Theatre! That was one awesome show!

We also wish to thank all sponsors, our dear SSM parents, Business Studies students, admin, teachers and staff for supporting this event.

Click the photo  to view Once on this Island album.


SSM Prom was held last April 8 at the New World Hotel in Makati City.  

Check out our gallery by clicking the photo below.

"If you study to remember you will forget.  But if you study to understand you will remember."


Singapore School Manila held its first Koobits Olympics from March 27 - May 26, 2017. Koobits is a web-based platform which allowed our Primary Level students to further hone their Mathematical literacy.
Last June 5, the students from each class per level in the Primary were awarded as SSM Koobits Champs. These students have received trophies for being the top student users during the competition:

P1A: Xin Yan Li
P1B: Ana Paula Castro Munoz
P2A: Ralph Dela Cruz
P2B: Mark Hong
P3A: Hong Sen Shi
P3B: Aryan Dewanata Adhithama
P4A: Hans Liu
P4B: Renee Lim
P5: Hong Wei Shi
P6A: Vanessa Marquez
P6B: Yaxin Shi

Primary 2-A and Primary 4-B from the Lower Primary and Upper Primary levels were awarded as the SSM Koobits Class Champs,. Their classes have received certificates for earning the most number of challenge points as a class.
Congratulations to all the winners!