Welcome Back, Jet!

SSM welcomes back our Primary 4 student, Jet Hernandez, who represented the country in the US Kids Golf World Championship tournament.  We are proud of you, Jet!


Congratulations to Althea Baluyut of P5-A


Last July 17 to 20,2014 the 5th Speedo G- League National Long Course Swimming Championship  was held at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.  Our very own Althea Baluyut of P5-A, who joined the Girls 12 years old bracket  was awarded for the following:

50- meter Butterfly-3rd place
100-meter Butterfly-1st place
200-meter Butterfly-2nd place
50-meter Freestyle-3rd place
100-meter Freestyle-2nd place
200-meter Freestyle-2nd place
200-meter Individual Medley- 2nd place
400-meter Individual Medley-2nd place

Congratulations, Althea!  We are proud of you!

SSM  Student Council Officers for SY 2013-2014 Elected

March, being the last month of the school year, is not really an end, but an opportunity for a lot of beginnings! It seemed that a lot of students were busy preparing for term tests, projects, and of course, graduation.


Last March 8, 2014, the whole SSM student body braced themselves for the next Student Council. The election was done in the morning and counting of the votes was done in the afternoon inside the Multi-purpose Room.  Here is the list of elected officials who will serve during SY 2014-2015:

President: Jahia Roces (incoming S4)
Vice President of External Affairs: Alex Adam (incoming S4) 
Vice President of Internal Affairs:  Patricia Ong (incoming S4)
Secretary: Nikki Tantuachut (incoming S4)
Level Representative Coordinator: Aika Ang (incoming S4)

Level Representatives:
Primary 1: Kaemon Bayron
Primary 2: Ella Ortiz
Primary 3: Suraj Nair
Primary 4: Tiffany Bullen
Primary 5: Althea Baluyut
Primary 6: Jared Roces
Secondary 1: Erin Conchanco
Secondary 2: Thea Lim
Secondary 3: Karl Yu
Secondary 4: Mai Mai Gomez
AS/A Level : Kaia Reyes

Now, everyone just can’t wait for the next school year to start!

Primary 2 Students Receive First Holy Communion

On March 6, students of the Primary 2 class received their First Holy Communion at  St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Church in Magallanes Village. Parents joined their children at Mass to celebrate this special day. The mass was officiated by Fr. Elis Santos. During the homily, Fr. Elis made use of props to help the students understand the importance of receiving Communion. He sang and blew bubbles to the amazement of the children. His sermon was entertaining for the children but also very meaningful. He spoke about the greatness of God’s love and the importance of always going back to Him  through listening to his Word and through prayer. Towards the end of the mass, parents prayed over their children and asked God to bless them and watch over them. Members of the SSM glee club also made the event extra special by singing the songs for the mass.

Congratulations to all out first communicants! It was truly a memorable day! ☺

SSM's Once Upon a Time

Singapore School Manila together with Make Believe Productions staged a musical, “Once Upon A Time,” last March 1, Saturday at Meralco Theater, Ortigas, Pasig City.

All SSM students were showcased in the production that had excerpts from the following Disney fairytales: Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Wicked and Peter Pan. The story took us to the enchanting journey through fairyland of Tinker Bell and the closest of cousins; serious Frederick, graceful Clarabelle, sweet Emma, mischievous Edward and the quiet and thoughtful Peet. Peet is a scholarly boy living a happy life with his cousins. Upon his return to Fairyland, he realizes that he is the Peter Pan that tales have spoken so highly of. He also discovers his vital role as a protector and preserver of fairies, magic, and the enchanting stories that all have come to know and love. But as he embraces his immense duty and returns to his former glory, he realizes that at his core he will always be Peet to his dear cousins, whom he has come to love and care for very, very much. He knows he will be a better hero than ever before, because he now knows what it is to love and be part of a family.

Everyone delivered a performance that gave an enchanting feeling to the audience; experience of laughter, love, bonds of family and kinship.
Thank you, SSM students, parents and guests for your support and we look forward to bringing you another school play next year! 

A Cognitive Competition: SSM Academic Quiz Bee 2014
By: Teacher Elmer Dizon

Last February 21, 2014, the best students in Maths, Science and English from Kinder 1 to Secondary 4 competed in SSM’s annual Academic Quiz Bee. The quiz bee questions covered various topics from the first three terms of the school year. Although the students were competing against their classmates, they still pushed each other to give their all in a fun and exciting contest. 

Here are the winners of the quiz bee:

Kinder 1
1st Place: Leelou Marchenay
2nd Place: Rafa Li
3rd Place: Luke Diong
4th Place: Sarah Guillermo

Kinder 2
1st Place: Jaelyn Soliman
2nd Place: Kaemon Bayron
3rd Place: Kate Sy Lato
4th Place: Massi Garcia

Primary 1
1st Place: Natalia Pascual
2nd Place: Sam Tan
3rd Place: Ella Ortiz
4th Place: Chesca Lauchengco

Primary 2
1st Place: Edward Cabangon
2nd Place: Renzo Flaviano
3rd Place: Misha Lee
4th Place: Zejin Chen

Primary 3
1st Place: Gelo Fernando
2nd Place: Kiean Lao
3rd Place: Tristan Garcia
4th Place: Charina Anggala

Primary 4
1st Place: Theoni Lim
2nd Place: Althea Baluyot
3rd Place: Lea Gatchalian
4th Place: Kyle Bayron

Primary 5
1st Place: Valerie Tantuachut
2nd Place: Phasin 
3rd Place: Henry Lee
4th Place: Jared Roces

Primary 6
1st Place: Jacob Fajardo
2nd Place: Arielle Arcayan
3rd Place: Bianca Laogan
4th Place: Erin Cochanco

Secondary 1
1st Place: Justin Macasilli-Tan
2nd Place: Kiefer Lao
3rd Place: Elsa Siapuatco
4th Place: Ryan Ahn

Secondary 2
1st Place: Renee Tantuachut
2nd Place: Mei Mukose
3rd Place: Andrea Gerada
4th Place: Julia Berino

Secondary 3
1st Place: Kevin Park
2nd Place: Nikki Tantuachut
3rd Place: Tim Hsu
4th Place: Ivan Bayron

Secondary 4
1st Place: Kaia Reyes
2nd Place: Jakey Gimenez
3rd Place: Gianna Berino
4th Place: Ethan Chan

Congratulations to all the winners! 

Prom 2014
By:  Chloe Tanchip and Jakey Gimenez, S4 students

It was a twinkling and sparkling night of February 22, 2014 when the Junior-Senior Prom was held in One Rockwell, Makati.  Excitement and anticipation filled the air as students rushed to the beautiful venue even before the designated starting time of the program. With the ladies coming in different beautiful gowns and the men whipped up in their stylish suits, we could foresee that the night would be quite special. The venue was gorgeously decorated with plants, unique flowers, pastel tablecloths, and creative birdcages that suited the romantic shabby-chic theme of the night. The entire room was also dipped in colourful lights that truly made the place more vibrant, dreamy, and elegant.

The moment we arrived, we were led to a beautiful garden where we had our pictures taken against a backdrop of lush shrubberies and pink cherry blossoms. After our picture taking,  we had a delicious and sumptuous buffet for dinner. While dining, the lights dimmed for the viewing of Secondary 3 and Secondary 4’s prom videos. Both videos were beautiful and creative, crafted through the efforts of the students themselves. As the night went on, there was a lot of mingling, chatting, giggling and best of all --- dancing! Because of the positive vibes from dancing, it brought one big family to a small dance floor.

Later on, the awarding took place. It consisted of the Best-Dressed, Prom Prince and Princess for the S3 division, and Prom King and Queen for the S4 division. The Female Best-Dressed was Mariko De la Pena (S3), Male Best-dressed was Migui Baluyut (S3). The Prom Princess was Alexi Dulay (S3), the Prom Prince was Garbiel Nagtalon (S3). Lastly, the Prom Queen was Chloe Tanchip (S4), and the Prom King was Jakey Gimenez (S4).

Overall, the night was full of excitement and romance. This year’s prom was simply beautiful. 




Happily Ever After- SSM School Fair

Last February 14, 2014, Singapore School Manila held its school fair with the theme “Happily Ever After”. Teachers and students alike prepared for this joyous occasion by decorating the school and preparing for their  booths. The gates were even decorated to look like a beautiful castle from fairy tale land. 

The fair was scheduled to start at 3:00pm, however, excited parents and students already started arriving at 2! Everyone was excited to try out the various game booths and entertainment booths that filled the school. 

Each level had their own booth and exciting game. Students and guests were sure to find a game of their liking. The young kids particularly enjoyed games from the Nursery to Primary 4 levels such as Ring Toss, Can Knockdown, Grumpy's Red Nose and others. Meanwhile, the older kids were busy running away from the guards of the P6 Jail Booth or getting married at the S2 Marriage Booth. The games were definitely fun for kids and adults of all ages. 

On the other hand, there were also additional entertainment booths that the younger kids particularly enjoyed. Booths like balloon twisting and bubble play got them all giddy and excited. While the girls felt like little princesses and got their makeovers through the Nail Art booth and Kiddie Salon.  At 4pm, kids rushed up to the Multipurpose room to catch the Magic Show. The show lasted for an entire 30 minutes, but the kids seemed to still want more! They came out of the room with huge smiles and faces of astonishment. "It was really good!" says Leelou of Kinder 1 with both thumbs up as she came out. 

For the first time, the Scholastic Book Fair also took part in the SSM fair. Kids of all ages rushed inside the P3 classroom looking for a book of their liking. At the end of the day, it was the Primary 4 class that bought the most number of books and will hence was rewarded with their own set of books for the classroom. Way to go guys! 

At 6pm, a few booths came to a pause as everyone gathered in the middle of the basketball court to witness the amazing performances of the different Secondary students. Music bands namely Radiotation and Chameleon’s Avalanche rocked the night out with their awesome song numbers. While Maxine Pampolina and Alex Adam soothed things down with their lovely acoustic sounds. It was the perfect way to end an enjoyable day. 

Gongxifacai!* Xinniankuaile!**, the SSM Way!!!

“Gongxifacai!” is a famous expression which Chinese use during Chinese New Year. It wishes everyone a prosperous year ahead. This year’s Lunar new year falls on January 31, 2014. SSM celebrated Chinese new year on the eve of it. We started the celebration with the Dragon and Lions' dance. It is believed that this dance drives away all the unlucky “qi” (lifegiving force) away , and welcome the new lucky “qi” in.

The pre-schoolers celebrated this event with many fun loving Chinese games.  Each kid went home with their big big bag of goodies…. All is happy!   There were song and dance numbers from P1 students and P3 students. They all sang wonderfully! Encore!

The  primary and secondary level students commemorated the event by having the CHINESE QUIZ BEE!!!  SSM Chinese department, under the helm of Teacher Jing Liu, spearheaded this fun-loving quiz bee this year. 

To all winners, Congratulations! We are all proud of you!!!! Gong xi!!!! 



Banahaw Bonanza- a Two Night Out
By: Joachin Tolentino, S4

Thursday on the 6th of February, we all arrived at Uncle Frank’s place just at the foot of Mount Banahaw. The guys settled upstairs at an old cabin with bunk beds lined up against the walls. The lunch hall was just downstairs beside where the girls slept. We headed to the workshop where we were then introduced to Uncle Frank himself, our facilitator for the rest of the experience.

He discussed a lot about Life Management throughout the course of the two nights. We were encouraged to speak freely about things we hid to ourselves, without the fear of being judged by others. He taught us how to be accepting, non-judgemental and open-minded. 

We had two exciting treks that got us moving. We went along a river that was seemingly cold at first and had all these rocks that stood in our way; but that didn’t stop us from progressing through. All we had to do was focus on the “Now”, which is basically focusing on what’s happening in the present moment, not in the past or in the future. The following day, we had to go through a small cave that was lit with only candles. We had to adapt to the cave in every way we could. It was quite uncomfortable especially because we were barefooted. But, it  was worth it.

This whole experience taught me valuable lessons that I can definitely apply to my life outside the workshop. Most of all, I learnt that it feels good to be myself. I wish all people would be taught lessons like this!


SSM’S Christmas Celebration 2013
By Teacher Lye Jularbal

On December 20, Singapore School Manila held its Christmas party. It started during flag ceremony with selected SSM students singing popular Christmas carols. Afterwards, the different classes went back to their respective classrooms where they played fun games and shared delicious food with one another. The students also made one another happy by bringing gifts for their class Kris Kringle.  

Before the morning’s celebration ended, the winners for the Door Decorating Contest was announced. For the Preschool to P2 class category, the P1 class won. For the P3 to P6 class category, the P3 class bagged first prize. For the Secondary to AS/A level, the winner was the AS class. Among the fffices, the first prize was awarded to the Primary Faculty. The winners happily accepted their chocolate treats! 

It was a wonderful morning to herald the Christmas holidays and the start of Christmas break! 

SSM Merlion Cup 2013

Singapore School Manila hosted the 2nd Merlion Cup Football Tournament last December 14, 2013 at Nomad Sports Club, Merville Subdivision, Parañaque City. 

Football players from different International schools and clubs gathered with boys and girls, ages 6-17 years old. These young football enthusiasts came together to compete in various age divisions. Everyone enjoyed and gave their best to win. 

A. Born 2005 and Up (Mixed Boys and Girls) 
    First Place: Keys School Manila
    Second Place: Singapore School Manila
    Third Place: Nomads

B. Born 2002 and Up (Boys)
    First Place: Nomads 1
    Second Place: Everest Academy
    Third Place: Keys School Manila

C. Born 2000 and Up (Boys)
    First Place: Everest Academy
    Second Place: Singapore School Manila
    Third Place: MGC New Life

D. Born 1998 and Up + 2 Born 1997 (Boys)
    First Place: Nomad United
    Second Place: Nomads FC
    Third Place: Singapore School Manila

E. Born 1997 and Up + 1 Born 1996 (Girls)
    First Place: Nomads
    Second Place: Everest Academy
    Third Place: Singapore School Manila

Congratulations to SSM varsity team and to all the winners!




By: Kenobi Ang

My class  visited  the St. Joseph Gualandi School for the hearing-impaired to interact with the other students our age. At first, we interacted with them using sign language. We thought that it was going to be challenging to communicate with them, but we were wrong. In fact, even when we were just speaking in a normal way, they could still understand. We were all impressed and happy that we could understand one another, and we were able to play some fun and interactive games. We also worked in pairs and made wallets out of duct tape. We could tell our newfound friends at St. Joseph Gualandi’s were very happy.
After the activities, we had lunch together. My classmates and I had fun serving our new friends. They were very grateful. After lunch, they even had a dance number for us. The best part was when they sang a song. They sang so well, and it made me a bit sad that they cannot hear how well they can sing.
Our main goal in visiting the St. Joseph Gualandi students that day was to make them feel the spirit of a happy Christmas. And at the end of it all, they were happy!  I’m glad that I had the opportunity to help them—even for just a little while. It was a great experience.
I realized that I’m a lucky person. The yearly outreach gives my classmates and I  the opportunity to help others and  to learn more about life.

Changes in Academic Calendar Beginning SY 2014

We would like to formally announce that beginning school year 2014-2015, Singapore School Manila is shifting its academic calendar (from June to March) to July to April. Then, beginning school year 2015-2016, SSM’s academic calendar will permanently be from August to May. We are easing into this shift starting this upcoming school year so as not to leave your children with a 5-month summer break if we start the change in 2015.

Major Philippine universities (i.e. University of Sto. Tomas, University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, and Ateneo de Manila University) have already announced their plan to shift their academic calendar from August to May beginning school year 2015-2016.

Our other major reasons for the shift are the following:

1.Typhoons still mostly occur during the months of June and July, which cause many class suspensions. This adversely affects the quality of teaching and learning, as lessons need to be completed within the amount of time remaining for that term. 

2. SSM has been receiving invitations to join different summer camps and programs from top universities worldwide such as University of Hong Kong, Oxford University, National University of Signapore, Cambridge University. These are very good ways for our children to meet other students from different countries, learn and be exposed to different cultures, and be more independent. However, these camps and programmes always happen during the months of June and July. We would like our students to have the opportunity to join these and moving the academic calendar will allow them to do so. 

3. SSM, being a Cambridge school, has been administering the Cambridge tests from May to June each year. Shifting the academic calendar will ensure that students need not give up their summer vacation to be able to take these tests. 

4. Next school year, we will be going through the accreditation process with the Council of International Schools, a non-national, non-regionally affiliated organisation.  The status of CIS Accreditation confers an international recognition to stakeholders all over the world; it demonstrates a school’s commitment to high quality international education to the school community as well as to the outside world: prospective families, educational leaders and teachers as well as universities, embassies, other government departments, and global companies and organisations.  The only accredited schools in the Philippines right now are International School Manila, British School Manila and Brent.

Ultimately, shifting SSM’s academic calendar will give our students an easier and smoother time when applying to university, whether local or foreign.

Primary 3 to 5 Field Trip: A Fun Day of Learning
By: Teachers Lye Jularbal and Angela Gomez

            On December 6, Friday, the students of the Primary 3 to 5 classes went on a field trip to the following factories in Laguna: Galingco, Lucky Me, and Gardenia Bread. During the trip, the students saw how the delicious foods in these factories were made. They also learnt about the different types of machines used by factories and the things that factories do in order to keep their products clean and healthful for consumers. At each stop, the students received free goodies.  
            On the way to the different destinations, the students and teachers had fun playing trivia games and taking part in singing contests facilitated by the tour guides. By early afternoon, the classes headed back to Manila—tired but very happy at having learnt a lot that day!    

SSM Performs at the Home of Ambassador Hirubalan

Last December 5, our girls performed at the home of Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines where he and his wife hosted a party for the loyal clients of Singapore Airlines. They sang carols to usher in the Christmas season.

The guests truly enjoyed and sang along with our girls.  The Ambassador and his wife were very happy with the performance.  Good job, SSM!

One Family, One Run: SSM Family Fun Run
By: Naomi Abeyasinghe (S4)

The Family Fun Run of Singapore School Manila was held on the 16th of November behind the school. It was made up of three races namely the 500m, 1K and 3K categories. The participants included all the students of the school and their families. The races began at 6:30a.m. when the first gunshot sounded and continued from then onwards for almost half an hour.

The road stretched on ahead of the runners, as each of them had to reach their turning point and run back to the finish line. A coloured ribbon was given to every participant that got to a turning point. It was tiring and people were bathed in sweat at the end of the run. All runners were timed and the fastest sprinters of each race were awarded medals at the end. 

The famished athletes were served breakfast after everyone’s races were done. All the families who came and joined the race or cheered on the runners were very happy and caught up with one another over a delicious breakfast back in the school. 

Congratulations to all the winners!   

World Cutures Day
By: Santino Uy

World Cultures Day is an annual event held here at SSM. This year, it was held on November 15 from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. The Day started with the much-applauded parade of the Preschool to Primary 3 classes. They represented different countries: Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, France, and Greece.

After the parade, the students visited the classrooms of the Primary 4 to 6. The students of these classes prepared colourful information boards and interactive activities for their visitors. While this was going on, the preschoolers had their own storytelling session and art & craft activities.
At 10 a.m., the Secondary students participated in an exciting game show featuring trivia about different countries. The artworks of the Secondary 1 and 2 students were displayed in the hallways on the first floor for the duration of the World Cultures Day celebration.

It was a fun and memorable day of learning for everyone! Congratulations to the winners!
Poster Making: Irene Go (first place), Patricia Co (second place) and Akio Roces (third place)
Best Classroom Décor: Kinder 2 class
Best Interactive Classroom Activities: Primary 6 class
Game Show: AS/A Level (first place), Secondary 3 (second place), and Secondary 2 (third place)

2013 Spelling Bee Winners

The winners for this years Spelling Bee are:


Kinder 1
First Place: Ethan de Guzman
Second Place: Reese Murrf Trinidad
Third Place: Luke Diong
Fourth Place: Leelou Marchenay
Kinder 2
First Place: Jaelyn  Soliman
Second Place: Samira Castro
Fourth Place: Massi Garcia
Third Place: Kaemon Bayron
Primary 1
First Place: Ella Ortiz
Second Place: Christopher Baldelomar
Third Place: Renee Lim
Fourth Place: Chesca Lauchengco
Primary 2  
First Place: Charly Lam
Second Place: Edward Cabangon
Third Place: Renzo Flaviano
Fourth Place: Misha Lee
Primary 3
First Place: LJ Paras
Second Place: Kiean Lao
Third Place: Cydney Soco
Fourth Place: Jet Hernandez
Primary 4  
First Place: Javi Guzman
Second Place: Althea Baluyut
Third Place: Paolo Tan
Fourth Place: Kyle Bayron
 Primary 5
First Place: Henry Lee
Second Place: Charles Tan
Third Place: Jared Roces
Fourth Place: Jaimie Lee
Primary 6  
First Place: Sophie Maitland-Smith
Second Place: Bianca Laogan
Third Place: Bea Sales
Fourth Place: Chloe Ng
Secondary 1
First Place: Justin Macasilli-Tan
Second Place: Jillianne Lim
Third Place: Marcus Uy
Fourth Place: Keifer Lao
Secondary 2
First Place: Andrea Gerada
Second Place: Kariann Tan 
Third Place: Mei Mukose
Fourth Place: Julia Berino 
Secondary 3
First Place: Javi Guerrero
Second Place: Jahia Roces
Third Place: Maimai Gomez
Fourth Place: Alexi Dulay
Secondary 4
First Place: Gianna Berino
Second Place: Lars Evangelista
Third Place: Kaia Reyes
Fourth Place: Hans Cainglet

Congratulations!  We are proud of you.


S2 Students Visit the New Bilibid Prison

Last November 20, 2013, the Secondary 2 students went on an outreach to the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. There, they interacted with the inmates from the medium security who were also going through their secondary education in the prison. The inmates presented several song and dance numbers, one of which was originally written and composed by them. The S2 students also presented 2 songs for the inmates. For lunch, the S2 students ate with some of the inmates where they were able to share stories, experiences and life lessons with each other. The outreach ended with the S2 students handing out gifts from SSM containing everyday necessities like toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste etc.
After the visit, the S2 students expressed that they thoroughly enjoyed the outreach, taking with them valuable lessons on compassion, understanding and gratitude. It was definitely a good way to kick-start the Christmas season!

Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

The Walk In Someone Else's Shoes activity is held every year and is aimed to promote the values of empathy and compassion. Primary 5 to A level students take on roles of the adults in the school community and in other partner institutions. This activity was held from November 11-19. While some students apprenticed in Rustan's and Racks along Paseo de Magallanes, others took on the roles of teachers and staff in the school.

We are very proud of our students who worked hard and conscientiously in fulfilling their assigned duties!

“WISES has taught me that everyone’s job is not easy, so we should all treat each other with respect.” – Renee Tantuachut
“WISES gave me a wide insight on the aides’ work… I think we should thank our aides for everything they’ve done for us… I also learnt that this school wouldn’t be the same without them.’” – Andrea Gerada
“I realised that working at a supermarket is harder than I thought. I have newfound respect for supermarket workers.” – Javi Guerrero
“Being a teacher was probably the best job (I experienced) because it made me feel so happy that I can actually teach children and make them learn!” – Renzo Co
“I had fun, bonded and met new people  and  learnet some basic skills and morals. I know how to make it easier for people working in restaurants when I eat there.” – Hans Cainglet

SSM Students Visit Manila Ocean Park Adventure

Last November 7, 2013, SSM Nursery to Primary 2 children went on a field trip to Manila Ocean Park. The tour started with an interactive 3D Penguin show where the children learned about the habitat where penguins live, what they eat and the activities that they do. The children also danced and took pictures with the entertaining penguin.  
The children next entered the magical and colourful world of Jelly Fish. They saw how different kinds of jelly fish gracefully danced to classical music while the light magically changed from one colour to the other.  Then, the they finally met the great sea creatures of the Oceanarium. Manta rays, sharks, piranhas and sting rays were just a few of the many sea animals swimming around the huge aquarium. An outdoor sea lion show followed.
Finally, the children were treated to a fun and entertaining display of talented sea lions who walked, danced and responded like humans. The trip ended with a quiet viewing of soaring birds of prey. The children saw the vastness of their wings and the way they swooped through the area.
The Manila Ocean Park trip truly made the students appreciate the very rich animal life in the Philippines and around the world.

“Educating Today’s Learners for Tomorrow’s World”
Cambridge Schools Conference 2013


Last October 16-17, SSM Managing Director Analei Atienza and School Administrator  Katrina Sarabia represented Singapore School Manila at the Cambridge Schools Conference 2013 held at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. The conference is an annual event hosted by Cambridge International Examinations, the world’s largest provider of international education qualifications and programmes for 5 to 19 years old, and of which SSM has received accreditation from. 

This year, the theme was: “Educating today’s learners for tomorrow’s world”. Over two days, educators and school leaders from different parts of the world listened to speakers, both from CIE and experts in the fields of education and technology. The CIE officials talked about the five Cambridge learners’  attributes: confidence, responsibility, being reflective, innovative, and engaged. The experts discussed how to develop learning through the effective use of technology. Furthermore, delegates involved themselves in workshops exploring the impact of globalisation and new technologies on young people, both in school and beyond.   Ms. Analei facilitated two of the Cambridge workshops and was also made to lead an interest group.  

Aside from these, it was also a chance for the delegates to hear from Cambridge officials as to how they see the future of education taking into consideration the many advances in technology we have started to see and experience over the last 5 years. Being part of a school that implements the Cambridge curriculum, it was important for the delegates to know how technological advances and the use of technology will be incorporated into the different subjects they offer to enhance the development of Cambridge learners. 

At the end of the conference, Ms. Analei and Ms. Kat realised that SSM has been and continues to be on the right track in terms of the kind of teaching and learning that is happening in school. Undoubtedly, there will always be room for growth and improvement, and this is something that SSM has done unceasingly year in and year out. But, they believe that SSM has, slowly but surely, been preparing their learners to face “tomorrow’s world”, not only to be able to cope with advancements but more importantly, with values still intact.

A Beautiful Day to Remember
By: Hans Cainglet, S4 student

On October 11, the S4 class, accompanied by Teacher  Roberta, Teacher  Elmer and  Ms. Analei, embarked on a “mission” to feed the less fortunate children of San Andres Bukid, Manila.  Students were divided into 3 groups and given tasks. One group was asked to help cook soup and eggs, another was in charge of packing the rice, and the last group was tasked to set-up the venue of the outreach, Home for the Angels. 

When the children started to arrive, we began to serve them the food we helped prepare. Afterwards, the kids had a little play-time, which was hosted by Renee Macasaet and Kenneth Dimaunahan. They engaged the children in popular games like “Bring Me” and “Longest Breath”. Some of my classmates also sang and danced for the kids. The group named “Roppets” also presented a puppet show. The show was hilarious, and educational at the same time. It created an impact on the kids. They learnt about values and proper behaviour and had a good time.

I am proud to say that everyone cooperated, and did an excellent job. We were determined to help, thinking about the children and making them a priority. That day was about them, not about us. 

Overall, I personally enjoyed this day.  It helped me understand how important and essential it is for me to share, to give, to care and to put other people’s need before mine. It was also a great opportunity to bond with my classmates and teachers. This was a beautiful day to remember.


A Pathway to US University Success with Cambridge    

Every year, students with Cambridge qualifications from around the world are successfully admitted to top universities across the USA. Many universities also offer advanced credit to students holding Cambridge International A Levels, which means that Cambridge students are already ahead in their undergraduate programme before they even begin their college enrolment. 

Cambridge qualifications prepare students for the next stage of their educational journey. They  believe that it is essential to make sure that students holding Cambridge qualifications don’t just get into universities in the United States, but also that they are well prepared to succeed in their studies and are well equipped with the necessary academic skills. 

More than 450 institutions across the United States formally recognise Cambridge qualifications.  Universities with formal recognition policies include all of the Ivy League institutions, as well as other renowned universities across the US. 

Class Night, Great Night

Last October 4-5, 2013, the Secondary 3 went on a Class Night at Caliraya Resort Club in Laguna. Students participated in various activities that promoted teamwork, communication, patience & perseverance. Some activities like the swim relay and the wall climbing were physically demanding, while others stimulated the mind. A few class favorites were the Mud Slide and the Earth Ball Challenge, a modified game of Volley Ball. Throughout the day, the different challenges the students faced allowed them to get to know each other better as well as discover new things about themselves.
After an afternoon of running all over the 8 hectare resort, students were given the time to take in their experiences and share their insights & personal goals. All the students expressed their gratitude towards each other. They appreciated how despite conflicts among class members, things would always work out. They wished that despite eventually having to go their separate ways (i.e. moving away and going off to college), they would still be good friends.
The night was capped off with a bit of Karaoke, to unwind and have fun. For the S3 students, this Class Night will definitely be one to remember!


World Teacher’s Day

October 3,2013 was expected to be just another ordinary Thursday in SSM. Students were in their classes. Teachers were busy doing their usual work. Graduating students were preparing for their graduation pictorial in the MPR. Nobody knew what was going to happen; nobody, except the Student Council who has yet thought of another awesome way of  greeting the teachers a Very Happy Teacher’s Day!

At 11:00 am, an alarm went off! It was the sound of the earthquake drill. Everyone did the safety procedures in their rooms and immediately settled in the basketball court, where a big surprise awaited everybody. Maxine Pampolina, from SC VP Internal, serenaded the teachers and staff with the song “Thank you for the Music.” It definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces. The class representatives also distributed lots of home-made chocolates made by SC President Renee Macasaet and SC Secretary Daniela Atienza to all SSM teachers and staff. And as if that wasn’t enough, a show was presented to everyone as well.  Selected students dressed up in their best imitation of teachers for students to guess! And they sure guessed all correctly! It was indeed another World Teacher’s Day celebration that was fun!


“Scientacular: A Science Fair Demonstration”
By: Teacher Angela Gomez 

The annual Science Fair was held last September 20 and 25, 2013 at the Multi-purpose room of SSM. The theme for this year’s science fair was “Scientacular: A Science Fair Demonstration”. A lot of preparations were made to welcome the enthusiastic participants both from Singapore School Manila and participants from Singapore School Cebu. Students performed demonstrations and explained a science concept of their interest through an exhibit. This endeavour aimed to encourage the students to be creative in the realm of science and have fun while doing it. And they sure did! We had a total of 36  groups who participated, 4 groups were from Singapore School Cebu. The scope focused on the three branches of Science: Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. 

Students were very excited for the science fair that they started on the projects during their term break. Despite their busy academic schedule, they were all eager to work on their science projects at home. Their science teacher checked on their projects and tested them to make sure their demonstrations worked. They also got to practice with their class advisers and made sure they were prepared for demonstration.

We also had judges from The Mind Museum at Taguig, mind movers and molecular biologist, Mr. Garrick Bercero and biologist, Ms. Erin Mercado. We were also joined by Ms. Fides Quintos, a scientist and the Marketing Head of Mad Science Philippines and a representative from the Department of Education Philippines. 

The winners in this year's Science Fair are:


Mariko dela Peña, Alexandra Melissa V. Dulay and Aika Jane S. Ang  -  Creating Flame Colour
Tim Samuel D. Hsu, Coby Brian A. Lim and Adonis Miguel N. Baluyut  - Separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen and Other Elements From Saltwater
NurAmalina Binte Enddi Zulfian, Nikki Yvonne S. Tantuachut and Maria MargaritaCornelia P. Gomez  -Crystal Snowflakes

JedKenobi C. Ang, Antonio Vittorio S.A. Terrei and Luigi Maria Ramon Gil C. Yupangco - Iquarium
Gio Angelo Z. Tripon(S2)  - Tesla Coil
Jee Yeon (Rebekah) Yun, Shangyun (Kevin) Park and Paticia V. Ong-  Calorimeter

Shingo Aureus Kitamura, Michael Ethan S. Chan and Kevin C. Keng  - Water-based Recon Drone


Charina Janelle C. Anggala, Tiffany Audrey P. Bullen, Angela Louise A. Dichoso- Erupting Volcano

Kenwrick Q. Sze - Water Filtration

Kiean Malik D. Lao, Hari, Haran Nair, Leondre Joseph M. Paras- Kinetic  Energy and Ping Pong Balls


Valerie Arielle O. Aracayan  -  Cartesian Divers: Law of Buoyancy

Euan Rodriguez, Danica Tan, Diego Tesoro (Sinapore School Cebu)- Hydro Electricity

Lorenzo Borromeo, Krutika Joshi, Jaeda Quilacio (Singapore School Cebu)-  Homemade PH Paper

After the event, students were more challenged to do their best in next year’s science fair. All of them had fun and learnt a lot from each other’s projects. It was surely a science fair to remember!  Congratulations to all the winners!


International Coastal Cleanup
By Coby Lim (S3 student)

Last September 21, 2013, my class (Secondary 3) went on an outreach activity in LLPCHEA, near Freedom Island, Parañaque City. We participated in the annual “International Coastal Clean-up Day”. This activity is about encouraging the citizens of every nation to be aware of environmental issues and to do something to help out. Our environment is polluted. These days, there is trash everywhere. So for this program, volunteers were tasked to pick up trash along the shoreline.

I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and left for school at around 4:50. I arrived at 5:35 and then waited to go to Parañaque at 6:00. When we entered the area, the first thing I saw was a junkyard on the seashore. We split our class into groups and one member had to keep count of the things the others would pick up. I was assigned to pick up plastic straws and lighters. I collected an approximate of 300 straws and 7 lighters. I also collected a chess piece (bishop), which I didn’t expect to find. Most of the products on the beach were plastic products and slippers. We finished collecting trash in an hour and everyone had at least 3 full net bags to carry back.

It really was an eye-opening experience for me and for all those who volunteered that day. I now have an increased awareness on the environment and preventing pollution. More people should get a chance to experience a clean-up like this because it would really help everyone to be more aware of what is happening around us.


We are Now Accepting Enrolees for SY 2014

SSM is now accepting enrolees for school year 2014, from Preschool to Grade 12 .  For more information, please call (632) 8511221 or 8510022 and look for Ms. Ina Ramos.

Singapore School Manila has Found its New Home!


We are proud and delighted to finally announce that Singapore School Manila has made formal its decision to transfer its location to Aseana City in Paranaque, Metro Manila!

Last August 15, 2013, the contract signing between SSM and AHI (Aseana Holdings, Inc.) took place. Present at the signing were SSM School Administrator, Katrina Sarabia,  SSM Managing Director, Analei Atienza, AHI Managing Director  Buds Wenceslao, and AHI Marketing Manager, Vanessa Salvador.

SSM’s population has seen rapid growth since its inception in 2006 with the number of enrollees increasing annually. This, along with the  need to offer more facilities that will enhance even better learning and growth of our students outside the four walls of a classroom lead to SSM’s  decision  that it really is time to make the move. This new campus, opening in June 2014, will have bigger classrooms, spacious working areas for its teachers and staff, a football field, a swimming pool, a basketball court, wide and open spaces for our children to be able to run and play, and much more! 

SSM Choir performs at 48th Singapore National Day Celebrations

Last August 12, 2013, the SSM Choir, composed of students from Primary 5 to Secondary 4 and Teachers Pam, Joy and Joane, performed at the 48th National Day Celebrations of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in the Philippines. This event was held at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati. The choir opened the programme singing “Lean On Me” and “Singapore Town”. This was followed by the Philippine and Singapore national anthems, “Lupang Hinirang” and “Majulah Singapura”. After speeches by Singapore Ambassador Hirubalan VP and DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario, the choir once again went up on stage to perform their final 2 songs. First was a solo performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Maxine Pampolina (S3) accompanied by Kariann Tan (S2) on the keyboard and Denesse Sales (P5) on the violin. Then, the choir capped off their performance with their rendition of “Home”, a song composed as the first in a series of yearly songs commissioned for Singapore’s National Day Parade.
Before exiting the stage, the school was given a plaque of appreciation by Ambassador Hirubalan VP and his wife, Mrs. Mano Hirubalan, received by Ms. Analei.
Mr. Daniel Wang, Deputy Chief of Mission and First Secretary (Political) of the Singaporean Embassy, had this to share about the performance of the girls: “Our guests were mesmerised and I was personally awed at how well the girls have done.  I know for a fact that the performance was really well received because many of the guests were busy videotaping the choir.  I applaud them for the effort, especially since it was not easy for them having to juggle examinations and practice sessions.  I was unable to speak to the girls and teachers last night but please convey my sincere appreciation to all of them for their participation.  Thanks once again. Cheers!”
This was truly a wonderful experience for our students who performed in front of a big audience that consisted of many dignitaries and government officials mostly from the Philippines and Singapore. To our Music teacher and vocal coach, Teacher Ahmor, and the choir, you have brought SSM much pride and joy with this achievement! Congratulations!

Nikki, Renee and Valerie Tantuachut, SSM's Pride

Nikki (S3), Renee (S2), and Valerie (P5) Tantuachut competed at the St. Stephen Inter-School Swim Meet last July 27, 2013 representing Singapore School Manila.  

Nikki bagged 2 silver medals: one in the 100m freestyle race and the second in the 50m freestyle race. She also brought home 2 bronze medals: first, in the 50m backstroke event and the second in the 50m breaststroke event. On the other hand, Renee won 1 silver medal in the 50m freestyle and 1 bronze medal in 50m backstroke event in her age category.

Congratulations, girls! SSM is proud of you!

Jet Hernandez, SSM's Champion Golfer

Jet Hernandez, a Primary level student of Singapore School Manila  won 1st place in the recent School Season Tournament of Junior Golfer's Foundation Philippines.  Here's another champion for SSM!

Congratulations, dear Jet!



Singapore School Manila Students Join 3 European Football Competitions

Seven SSM students will be joining  Makati Football Club as they  once again travel to Europe this coming July 6 to 29 to represent the Philippines in 3 International Youth Football Tournaments. The delegation is composed of 50 players (boys 10 to 16 years old) together with 7 officials and 25 parents.

The teams will participate in the following tournaments :

COSTA BLANCA CUP IN BENIDORM , SPAIN : 250 Teams - 20 Countries
GOTHIA CUP IN GOTEBORG, SWEDEN : 1,600 Teams - 140 Countries
DANA CUP IN HJORRING , DENMARK : 800 Teams - 50 Countries.

The delegation is sanctioned by  the NCR Football Association, the Philippine Football Federation, The Philippine Sports Commission and the Department of Education.  This year’s participants and officials come from 20 schools from Metro Manila, Davao, Bacolod, Angeles City and Tacloban.
The SSM students participating in this year’s major international tournaments are: Alex Adam, Miguel Baluyut, Miguel Atienza, Gabriel Nagtalon, Shaun Narca, Akio Roces and Dean Bullen.

Good luck!  Play hard; play fair!

Bonding With Nature, 
Bonding With Each Other

by Kenobi Ang

The Secondary 1 Class Night was fun! We went to Forest Club in Laguna. We were literally immersed in nature. We roughed it out as we crossed a lagoon. We had to walk across a log bridge and a rope bridge. We also used a raft to do another activity. Our class had to build a human pyramid and go through a challenging obstacle course. What was important in all the activities was for us to help each other out in accomplishing—and succeeding—in each task. 

We did one teambuilding activity in the swimming pool. Afterwards, we hung out at the swimming pool. We had delicious meals at the cafeteria and spent a lot of time with each other.  Most importantly, it was a trip that helped us overcome our own fears. 

The overnight trip was truly a memorable one for all of us. 

The Much-Awaited Trip Was Worth It!
By Erin Cochanco, Chloe Ng, Bianca Laogan, and Sophie Maitland-Smith

On June 28, the Primary 6 class went to Punta Fuego with Teacher Roberta and Teacher Meg. Even if we had to wake up at the crack of dawn, we knew the whole activity would be worthwhile. The two-hour drive to Batangas was filled with laughter and light-hearted jokes. When we arrived at Punta Fuego, everyone was in awe of the beautiful architecture of the house and the breathtaking view of the beach.
We helped unload the boxes and carry each other’s bags into the house. After we had settled in, everyone gamely joined the teambuilding activities. In the spirit of spontaneity, we came up with ingenious—and hilarious!—ideas to finish our “Amazing Race” Punta Fuego edition. We learned that the tasks that seem impossible to be accomplished individually can be possible when there is teamwork. 
The class capped the afternoon’s activities by going on a short walk to the beach and playing games in the garden. The air was filled with shrieks of joy. Wide and happy grins never left our faces. 
Over cups of hot cocoa, we did a writing activity about affirming each other’s strengths and unique contributions to the class. Then, we played a few rounds of Mafia before the day ended. 
We thought that our Class Night was not only fun; it also served as a chance for us to learn a bit more about each other and about teamwork. We all took turns cooking, washing dishes, and setting the table for meals. 
The next day, we worked on our Class Mission and Vision which greatly helped us as a class identify our goals and how to achieve these. 
Leaving the house made all of us feel a little sad. Lunch at Yellow Cab and each other’s company did cheer us up. With happy stomachs and energised minds, we went home to Manila. Our minds were filled with lessons learned about trusting and working with each other. Even though we are only fourteen in the class, we all have different abilities that we can use in the different challenges we will face throughout the schoolyear.    


Visiting the Babies at the Home for the Angels
by Arielle Arcayan

The Primary 6 Class left school for the orphanage after the Opening Activity. The day before our outreach, my classmates and I prepared gifts for the babies. On the day itself, we loaded the gifts inside the bus and we left the school. While we were inside the bus, we were all noisy and happy. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrived at the orphanage. The director gave us a quick orientation. After that, we went to see the cute babies. Before entering, though, we were required to wear an apron and rub our hands with alcohol.

The babies were having the time of their lives, running around and playing games. All the babies had angelic names such as Angela, Angelyn and Angel. They were all so adorable! One baby stared at Teacher Pam as she carried him in her arms. One of the babies found mirrors really fascinating. After all the fun and games, it was time to head back home. We said our goodbyes and boarded the bus back to school.
It was truly an amazing experience. My classmates and I realised that we have been leading easy lives. Visiting the orphanage made us see that there are other people and children who need help. We also realised that we have to be grateful that we have loving parents who take care of us and guide us everyday. 

All The World Is A Stage:
The Performing Arts Club 

By Patricia Gayle Co

 It was a warm and sunny Monday at SSM. Many students were excited to audition for the school play. This year, the play is entitled “Once Upon A Time”. It is all about magic and fairy tales. 

The auditions were held at the Multi-Purpose Room on June 24. Everyone who wanted to audition showed their talents in front of the judges. Everyone gave their all! 
All of the students enjoyed auditioning. Even though they all felt very nervous before the audition, made mistakes, they all knew they had given their best. 
Before the cast was finalised, SSM prepared a workshop for all the students who auditioned. The workshop was fun because the students got to know each other better. There were also games that were filled with lessons. Most importantly, the participants learned to be more confident when performing in front of many people. 
And now, the final cast list is out!* Everyone is ready to practise and perform for the play at Resorts World Manila Newport Theatre on March 1, 2014. 
 Rehearsals for the school production will start soon! Please stay tuned for announcements. 

Ready, Set, Kick! 
SSM Football Varsity Tryout

Last June 17, 2013, we  had our Football Varsity tryout.  Students from P4 to A level  who love football were encouraged to join. The tryout was held at BGC Turf in Fort Bonifacio with 32 participants.  This year’s Head Football Coach is Sarah Lirag.  She will be assisted by 2 other coaches.    

The students were grouped according to age and gender. They had a short briefing before the tryout. With the guidance of the head coach, the participants did activities and drills such as proper warm up, conditioning exercises, partner passing drill, shooting with pass and go activity and scrimmage.  All activities were done to see each student’s endurance, strength and performance inside the field. The heavy downpour  didn’t stop anyone from pushing themselves hard to  complete all drills.   Everyone did a good job. Team spirit was felt and shared. 

We congratulate all students who participated in our Football Varsity Tryout!

Go SSM Merlions! 

Welcome to SY 2013-2014!

Singapore School Manila opened the new school year and welcomed students last June 3, 2013. Almost all classrooms were filled with old and new faces, excited for what the school prepared for them. 

SSM also surprised the top scorers for last school year’s Cambridge Primary Progression Test for Science, Maths and English in Primary 3 to 6. Cambridge Primary Progression Tests have been developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations and are taken by students from over 160 countries around the world to assess the learning they had in class.  The following awardees received gold medals from SSM:

Primary 3 English

    Althea Baluyut
    Sofia Cabangon
Primary 5 English
    Erin Cochangco
    Jacob Fajardo
    Sophie Maitland-Smith

Primary 3 Science

    Althea Baluyut
    Sofia Cabangon
    Lauren Co
    Theoni Lim

Primary 3 Maths

    Althea Baluyut
    Massi Chua

Primary 4 Maths

    Jared Roces
    Charles Tan

Congratulations to everyone! We are looking forward to more learning and victories this school year! 

SSM School Administrator Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to School Year 2013-2014! I, along with the administration and faculty members, are excited about our 8th year, which will be filled with many wonderful learning opportunities, numerous events and extra-curricular activities for your children!

Having received the “Innovations in Curriculum Design and Teaching Methodologies for Effective Learning” award at the 2nd Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards last April has inspired us even more to further our commitment in providing engaging, memorable, and enjoyable lessons, yet, being sure that we meet all our learning objectives.

Please know that SSM values communication between the home and the school. We believe that it plays a vital part in each student’s success. Please use the student’s journal or contact us when there is a need to do so. We will do the same and make sure that you are up-to-date regarding your child’s academic performance and conduct along with announcements and information on various school events.

Once again, welcome to this school year! We hope for your continued support and cooperation in all our undertakings this year so, together, we can truly develop students into being the best that they can be! 


Katrina L. Sarabia
School Administrator
Singapore School Manila

SSM Managing Director's Message

Dear SSM Families,

I want to first welcome new families and send a big THANK YOU  to our returning families.  You are our greatest strength and greatest resource.  Together, we can push Singapore School Manila’s  mission even further.  We are confident as we enter into school year 2013-2014  that this is going to be a fantastic year.  Below are some highlights we’re looking forward to:

•    A new school administrator: Ms. Kat Sarabia is now SSM’s School Administrator.  She started her career in education as the Primary Reading and Writing teacher in SSM in 2009.  This is her 5th year with the school.  She graduated from De La Salle University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  In 2008, she graduated from Boston University with a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Teaching.
•    More professional development for teachers
•    New and increased technology in the classroom (laptops, interactive smart boards for secondary level classes , all new computers in the computer room,  new printers, etc.)
•    A stronger communication plan for families
•    More clubs and  after school activities
•    A growing and experienced staff 
•    Fun events (family day, school fair, class nights, outreach programs, school prom, field trips, trick and treat, wet day  and more)

Singapore School Manila  is truly a special place. Many of our classes are now full and we are still expecting more families and children to join us within this school year.  

I hope this brief glimpse of the many exciting initiatives we have planned conveys how much we care for your children.  Our doors and hearts are open.  We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

Respectfully yours, 

Analei I. Atienza
Managing Director
Singapore School Manila

Sawasdee, Bangkok!
By: Kat Sarabia,SSM School Administrator

Last April 17-22, fourteen of SSM’s Secondary Level students joined an exposure trip to Bangkok, Thailand. They were accompanied by Ms. Analei, Teacher Jim, and I. For some of the students, they experienced for the first time how it is like to travel independently. For the others, they were just excited to travel and be with their friends in another country! Upon our arrival in Bangkok, we proceeded to our hotel to check-in and freshen up. We then immediately made our way to one of the city’s most famous sights, the Wat Pho, temple of the world famous “Reclining Buddha”. That evening, we had our first Thai dinner at Silom Village. During dinner, we were treated to a show featuring Thai cultural dances.

The following day, we made our way to two theme parks--- Safari World and Dream World. At Safari World, we were able to see up close various animals as we drove through a man-made African wilderness in the Safari Park. After that, we proceeded to Marine Park where we witnessed sea lions, elephants and other animals performing tricks we thought only humans are capable of. It really was an amazing sight! That same afternoon, the kids enjoyed thrilling rides and roller coasters at Dream World. 

On our third day in Thailand, we visited the historic city of Ayutthaya, the second capital of the Siamese Kingdom after Sukhothai. Unfortunately, this city was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. Notably, this city has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The highlight of our trip here was visiting its main Buddhist temple, the Wat Phra Mahathat, which houses the famous “Buddha in a tree”.

The next day, we traveled for 2 hours to Pak Chong to visit Farm Chokchai. Here, the students learned about the process of making milk and taking care of cattle and other farm animals. They also experienced feeding rabbits, goats, and cows. The tour of the farm ended with a sumptuous meal at their steak house!

What is a visit to Bangkok without shopping? On our last day, we went to two of the most popular shopping destinations in the city--- the Chatuchak weekend market and the Platinum Fashion Mall. The girls in the group really enjoyed this part of the trip having been able to purchase new clothes and accessories. The boys wound up buying souvenir items and gifts for their parents or siblings.

This 6-day trip to Bangkok was really quite an experience for these Secondary students. They all brought home with them historical, cultural, and social knowledge of this Asian city. But, for sure, they also took home with them happy memories having been able to bond with their close friends and getting to know more the students from other levels. This is a trip which will definitely be difficult to forget! 


Bayan Academy Awards SSM

Bayan Academy awarded Singapore School Manila the EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATIONAL TRANSFORMATION AWARD (EETA) for Outstanding Innovations in Curriculum Design and Development and Learning Methodologies for Learning Effectiveness  last April 16, 2013 at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. 

EETA is an annual award given by ABS-CBN Bayan Academy to public and private schools offering primary and secondary education in the country. The award recognises the efforts of schools in creating innovations that promote learning effectiveness and school efficiency.  

Singapore School Manila was recognised for its efforts in promoting positivism in all aspects of learning in order to dispose of traumas associated with traditional way of teaching. SSM was also commended for fostering positive learning disposition for every student by providing a safe environment and encouraging teachers prepare activities fit for every type of learner. 

Singapore School Manila would like to thank everyone for your unwavering support. Congratulations to the whole SSM community! 





Innovations in Curriculum Design
& Development and Learning Methodologies for Learning Effectiveness (Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards 2012 by ABS-CBN & Bayan Academy)

Excellence in Curriculum Design
& Development

Outstanding Sports Program (Department of Education)